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  • Pješčana uvala
  • Pješčana uvala
  • Pješčana uvala
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  • Pješčana uvala
  • Pješčana uvala - Villa Roza
  • Pješčana uvala - Villa Roza

  The Villa ROZA is situated in the Pješčana uvala village (Sandy Bay) 3 km away from Pula. The name of the village derives from the local sandy beach, suitable for children and elderly people, followed by rocky and gravel beaches.

  Pješčana uvala is a new village, located right by the sea, with a promenade that follows the coast and a rich hospitality offer. There are also fitness devices installed along the walkway. Following Pješčana uvala, there are a diving club and Marina of Veruda with the possibility of boat hiring and other services.

  Pula, the nearest town to the village, is known for its well preserved ancient Roman monuments among which the most famous is the amphitheatre Arena form the 1st century, the Temple of Rome and August at the Forum from the same period, and the hundred years older Triumphal Arch of the Sergi.  Pula is becoming more and more famous by numerous concerts and festivals, organized in the Arena and in other outdoor spaces in the embrace of the mild Mediterranean climate.

  The Villa Roza is surrounded by a Mediterranean garden. It is situated in a beautiful and quiet part of the village and at only one minute easy walking distance from the beach. The villa has got three well maintained suites that we arrange every year to make the guest’s stay as pleasant as possible. The Špiljak family rents apartments for more than thirty years. We are looking forward to your visit!

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Villa Roza

Pješčana uvala VI/33
52100 Pula

Tel: ++385 52 397 124
Fax: ++385 52 222 882
Mob: ++385 98 219 154


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